Now my Christmas shopping is complete: sharing the Christmas spirit with those in need.

With the exception of last year, I always have picked up a gift tag from the mall with a child’s name on it and bought presents for the child.

This year I selected a four-year-old girl who requested clothes, a doll, and an educational toy. The organization which sponsors this toy/clothing drive suggests spending about $50. But I usually go way over that.

I had over $50 in points at Old Navy so I was able to buy her two complete outfits. I know some little girls aren’t into girly girl dresses anymore. So I tried to pick something practical yet a little bit girlish.

I then headed over to Walmart. As it so happened a woman there was shopping in the doll section for dolls for her 4-year-old granddaughter. I asked her for her advice and she suggested some cute little Disney princess dolls that were $7 a piece. So I got three (because one is never enough) and also threw in a tiara. Because every girls needs a tiara.

As for educational toys I found a LeapFrog one appropriate for a 4-year-old. Both my boys had loved LeapFrog and my youngest one actually learned his ABCs at age 2 with his older brother’s LeapFrog toy. But that was before kids had iPads. However, I’m guessing that kids in this program might not have much access to electronics.

The grand total was $50 at Walmart and $8 at Old Navy. So I was just tad over. But to me the dollar amount isn’t important. I just wish I could see her happy face on Christmas Day.