My mourning dove family

A few weeks ago I noticed a mourning dove had moved into the empty robin’s nest on the second floor window ledge outside my son’s bedroom (he’s currently not living at home.) This nest was not used by the robins this year, but it was in great shape, only being a year old. It looks like the doves added a few pieces of straw to make it their own.

Anyhow, I never noticed any eggs as a dove is always sitting on the nest. That is quite different from finches and robins. I’ve had the chance to observe both of those birds and they usually spend some time away from the nest, unless it’s really cold.  Once the eggs hatch, the parents are busy getting food for the young birds.

So yesterday, I was surprised to catch a glimpse of the babies nestled safely under one of the parents. Another dove landed on the outside window ledge, started their characteristic dove cooing sound. The dove on the nest flew off and the other one hopped on. I counted about 3 babies before the parent fluffed up and covered them.

I can’t wait to see the babies once they’re a bit older. Their nesting habits are very interesting.

Happy Friday or Saturday or whatever day it is

I can’t keep track of the days anymore. For some reason I thought it was a Saturday today. Normally I have pretty quiet mornings during the summer while I drink my coffee on the patio. I listen to the birds and plan out my day in relative peace and quiet, except for my dog barking at the occasional runner/cyclist/walker. But today was busy with small prop planes.

We live near Rocky Mountain Regional Airport. It used to be a fairly small airport when we moved here, but they’ve expanded the runways and with lower fuel prices, the flight schools are doing well. Usually on weekends it’s quite busy with a lot of touch-and-goes. That’s a procedure that student pilots make where they do a quick landing and take off again. They circle our town, even though the airport has noise abatement guidelines asking to avoid residential areas as much as possible.

So today I didn’t have my usual quiet morning. I did enjoy watching the baby robins. They’re like teenagers now. They’re as big as their parents but still have spots on their breast. They wait on the fence while their mom goes and forages for worms. Then they come and make a lot of noise and demand to be fed. Not much different than humans, I guess you could say!


Baby Robin begging for more food!