Some bears paid me a visit

I’ve lived in Colorado for 13 years and know all about bears and how to be bear safe. In nearby Boulder many of the people have locking garbage cans and when I camp I’m careful to lock up food (surprisingly there are few bear boxes in campgrounds.) I’ve seen plenty of stories on TV of bears trashing cars with food in them (their favorite cars are Subaru’s) and inviting themselves into people’s houses in the mountains

However, I never thought I’d be a victim. So imagine my surprise the other week when I open the blinds on my rented Lake City cabin and saw two of my car doors open. I dashed out in my pajamas expecting the worst. Fortunately, no damage. Just a lot of dusty footprints. They were small bear footprints to be exact. And some drool on the dash.

A few days later I saw a video from a Colorado Trail hiker who had a midnight visitor by his cabin in the same town: Mama Bear and two cubs. I have to believe they were the same perps who broke into my car.

I was lucky. I actually left my car unlocked (accidentally) after we picked up pizza at Packers Saloon in town. It was delicious pizza. Obviously the beers thought so, too. Too bad they didn’t get any!

4 thoughts on “Some bears paid me a visit

  1. You were lucky for sure. Bears can do a lot of damage to a car, when they are searching for food. I assume the doors were not locked or these were very smart bears. In Churchill, Manitoba, there is a rule that everyone must leave their vehicles unlocked, during polar bear season, so humans have a safe harbour if they encounter a polar bear while walking. I wonder if the polar bears know they too could get inside. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Yes the car was unlocked and that was a blessing in disguise. I saw a video of a bear that actually locked himself in a car and sheriff deputies had to figure a way out to open up the car without having a bear encounter

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