Vacation Planning in the Pandemic

I was very fortunate to travel to Italy last September.  In a nutshell: my husband and I flew into Milan, took a quick side trip to Lake Como, then continued down to Florence for a few days, hopped on another train to Naples, transferred to the Circumvesuviana train to Pompei and Sorrento, and ended our trip in a wonderful 400 year-old apartment (updated of course, but still with original wooden ceiling beams) in Rome. So many wonderful experiences. We couldn’t wait to get back to Europe, with the planned destination being Spain (with a sidetrip to Morocco).


Outside our apartment in Rome

Then Covid-19 happened.

Even my spring birthday getaway to Arizona got cancelled. Fortunately, however, I had made campground reservations for this summer. Campgrounds book up quickly for the weekends and typically you need to do it 6 months in advance. Fortunately, we’re allowed to go camping here in Colorado and judging by the line at REI the other week, a lot of people are opting for this.

We’ll be camping near Twin Lakes just south of Leadville. The campground is at 9,500 feet – I think that’s the highest elevation I’ve ever camped at. Leadville itself is the highest incorporated city in North America (10,152 feet).


Lakeview Campground, near Twin Lakes and Leadville

As it so happens, my oldest brother will be passing through on the Colorado Trail (part of the Continental Divide Trail) that same weekend. It’ll be nice to meet up with him.

His hike also presented us with another opportunity to do another Colorado staycation. The CT terminates in Durango, about 6 hours from Denver. Since I volunteered to pick him up, naturally I decided to  turn it into a mini getaway. We’ll sightsee  on some of the scenic mountain highways and visit the former mining town of Silverton. We’ll also stay a night in Pagosa Springs. Their hot springs resort has been on my bucket list for years.


The Springs Resort at Pagosa Springs – check this one off the bucket list!Silverton-Valley-COSilverton, Colorado

Once September comes (when we had planned to go to Spain) it would take nothing short of a miracle to make it to Europe. We still have our tickets as Norwegian Airlines has not officially cancelled our flight to London Gatwick. But we’re expecting that to happen. So in the meantime we’re talking about some things we can do here in the US. One is to rent an RV and do a road trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a 2-day drive. I’m not sure if I could stand my husband’s driving. But it might be fun as we could bring our pug. He’s almost 12, getting up there in years, and he’s never been on a road trip. We’ll see.

In the meantime I hope you all manage to do something fun and still STAY SAFE!

5 thoughts on “Vacation Planning in the Pandemic

  1. I got 125% credit from Norwegian for the flight they cancelled. I still have our tickets on SAS for September. I’m hoping they cancel and we can get that refunded. I have plans for Disney with my friends in December as usual. We’ll see if that happens. I am getting less hopeful by the day for the big birthday bash cruise for my 55th out of New Orleans in January. I booked a condo in Vegas the beginning of March. I’m hopeful. We spend most of our time drinking and eating, not gaming. If it happens I am thinking of driving there.

    We have to check out everything in our camper. Haven’t used it in a couple of years and I’m worried about mice. That’s probably going to be our best bet.

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    1. My son’s GF got her refund from Norwegian for her Paris flight. Took about a month. Right now I’m getting emails about once a week urging me to take points. No way.

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  2. We all have to take our breaks where we can find them this year. We were so lucky to get to Europe (Ireland, Italy France) last September and then to Jasper in October. We just squeaked Vancouver in as the pandemic started and then managed Jasper again when things opened up in June. If we are lucky, we hope to return to Jasper in the fall. Not planning on getting on a plane any time soon. Allan


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