Demo day: day full of mixed emotions

Today we begin Phase 2 of our bathroom remodel. We had previously put in a closet system in our master closet and decided we needed to update the bathroom. After talking to several contractors, we decided to manage the project ourselves because their markups were outrageous. Two months ago we hired a local fellow to rip out the carpet in the bathroom and closet (carpet was not our choice!) and he installed porcelain wood-look plank tiles. He did a fabulous job and now he’s going to do the shower. We had talked originally about replacing the tub with a stand-alone tub, but it added a lot of cost and we don’t plan for this to be our retirement home.

new floor tile

So why the mixed emotions? I’m always nervous about any sort of remodeling. We did a lot on our old home in California and there were issues in many of our projects. Then when we redid my boys’ bathroom here the contractor did not fix a leak properly (it started leaking in my office) and he had to come back to fix it and repair the ceiling. That’s why we want to to keep any plumbing work to a minimum this time.

But I’m also feeling melancholy. We’ve been here 13 years this month. We moved here when my boys were still in elementary and middle school. Now both are graduates of the University of Colorado. Last year my oldest moved in with his girlfriend. While I was glad he moved out, I had mixed feelings about his GF. They’re still together and both are working, so that is good. My youngest will be moving back home for hopefully just a short spell. He plans to apply to graduate schools. His hope is to return to the West Coast as he is tired of the snow and cold.

My husband and I are at the point where we are starting to think about moving in a few years. This house is too big and I’m tired of the steep stairs. We want this remodel project to give a fresh look to the bathroom without spending too much. My plan for the kitchen is similar. New paint, new back splash, and maybe paint the cabinets a different color. I have a lady who does cabinet work and she’s done some cabinets already in the one of the bathrooms and the laundry.

We’re not sure where we want to go yet. We have some ideas. Colorado has been good overall. But easy access to the airport is a must! We’ll be making up for lost time and doing quite a bit of traveling once this pandemic is over. I think that’s why I feel a bit emotional today. I’m going stir crazy. We did go out for Pho at a place that had well-spaced patio dining. Pho never tasted so good!

yummy pho

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