2019 Goals – Jumpstarting the genealogy research

When I registered for this blog a few months ago, my intention was to have it serve as a travel blog. I still plan on doing that. But I tend to have too many projects on my plate at once. So right now my focus is getting back on track on genealogy research. I was motivated in part by Amy Johnson Crow’s #52Ancestors challenge. The prompt for this week is “first.”  Hmmm, what could I write about? The first thing to come to mind was the first name I was able to dig up on am ancestor in Australia, Arthur McAdam.

I had the pleasure of meeting my third cousin Stephen in England back in 2017. He’s done a ton of research, so I have lots of names from that branch of the family (mom’s paternal side.)  But I  had come to a dead end on her maternal side. I knew her mother (my grandmother) had passed away when she was young, but my mom had told me very little about 2 uncles.  With Stephen’s help we were able to confirm that one of my great uncles, Leslie, had passed away in WWI, like so many men his age had. But what about his brother Arthur?

As I was pondering this within the last year, I cam across an old photo of my great grandfather from Scotland posing with my mom as a young child. On the back she labeled it and indicated that he was on his way to Australia to visit her Uncle Arthur and her cousins. Bingo! I had a lead.

Since then I have done some more digging. It’s very exciting and I can confirm that I do have living relatives in Australia. I don’t know how much they know about us, but another picture I discovered revealed that my mom had met one of her cousins in 1995.  Sadly, her cousin passed away in 2017, but I still hope to make connections with my Aussie relatives in 2019.



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